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🇯🇵 Sunny Trading Co., Ltd., headquartered in Chiyoda, Tokyo, with offices in Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya, and additional presence across Japan, has been a pioneering force since its establishment in 1961. Over six decades, the company has dedicated itself to supporting various industries, including environmental energy, aerospace, and more, through technological innovations aimed at creating a carbon-neutral, hydrogen-based society. Sunny Trading offers a broad range of products, such as gas detectors from WatchGas, compressors, high-pressure pumps, fluid control equipment, measurement instruments including water quality meters, gas detectors, flow meters, and oil film detectors, as well as pumps. Their clientele encompasses prestigious names across diverse sectors, such as IHI Aerospace, Iwatani Corporation, Air Water Plant & Engineering, ENEOS Group, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Kitz Corporation, JAL Engineering, SCREEN Group, Daikin Industries, Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation, Toyota Motor Corporation, NITTO SEIKO CO., LTD., the Ministry of Defense, Honda R&D Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, attesting to their vital role in industrial advancement.

🇯🇵 Bio-Pharma Support Co., Ltd., headquartered in Chiyoda, Tokyo, has been dedicated since its establishment in 2000 to enhancing the quality of daily life by offering an extensive range of sanitary products for the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, food, and cosmetics. This company prides itself on supplying the highest quality products, including sanitary pumps, hoses, diaphragm valves, ASME-BPE piping, sensors for column chromatography, and sanitary pressure gauges, all selected for their originality and ability to meet various needs. Additionally, Bio-Pharma Support Co., Ltd. offers custom design and fabrication services to cater to specific customer requests and assists in creating various certifications essential for the industry, such as food hygiene law compliance certificates and electropolishing certificates. Their commitment to safety, reliability, and traceability has made them an indispensable partner across several industries, continually supporting their clients with meticulously selected products and comprehensive support for documentation and custom orders.

🇯🇵 Daiwa Hanbai Corporation Ltd., headquartered in Osaka, Japan, with additional offices in Eastern Japan, Yokohama, has been a dedicated provider of top-brand cleaning machines, level gauges, and high-speed exhaust valves primarily to the maritime, chemical plant, and food and pharmaceutical plant industries. Since its establishment in 1975, Daiwa Hanbai has been committed to meeting the demands of its customers by offering a wide range of products, including tank cleaning machines, stabilizers, pumps, mixers, manhole covers, valves, and heat exchangers. The company prides itself on being the sole Master Distributor in Japan for the Alfa Laval Group, signifying its commitment to providing high-quality sanitary equipment. Daiwa Hanbai’s mission is to be the best partner for its customers by contributing to their development and offering reliable products with a focus on safety and innovation. The company’s clientele includes renowned names such as IHI Aerospace, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Toyota Motor Corporation, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, serving industries ranging from shipbuilding and food processing to pharmaceuticals and chemicals.

🇯🇵 Taihei Boeki Co., Ltd., established in December 1955, is headquartered in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, Japan. The company has a long history, originally founded in 1949 as Taihei Kogyo Company, with the aim of contributing to trade promotion and industrial development by introducing Western advanced technology to Japan’s industrial sector. Taihei Boeki specializes in importing various industrial raw materials and ancillary production equipment, mainly for industries such as ceramics, automobile manufacturing, machine tool manufacturing, and electricity, while also developing export markets in Europe, the Americas, and Southeast Asia. The company’s product lineup includes pressure switches, DC electric conveyors, active contact flanges for automation tools, linear position sensors, Li-Fi communication technology, laser processing lenses, flex conduits, chip dressers, electric conveyor modules, and systems for joining dissimilar materials. Taihei Boeki is committed to being a unique trading company specializing in high-tech products, establishing a firm corporate foundation as a specialist in the import and export of advanced technological goods.

🇯🇵 LEYBOLD Co., Ltd., headquartered in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, Japan, has been a specialized machinery trading company for over 110 years, evolving alongside the history of Japan’s industrial sector. Founded in April 1905, LEYBOLD has established itself as a key player in supporting Japanese industries with Western technologies. The company specializes in a wide range of products, including machine tools, gears, automotive, electronics, glass, semiconductors, precision cleaning processes, chemicals for surface treatment, food production equipment, pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturing equipment, industrial materials like tactile tiles and flooring materials, and industrial parts such as geared motors and submersible aerators. With a rich history of providing innovative solutions and a strong network of expertise, LEYBOLD continues to solve customer problems through its deep industry knowledge and extensive product range from various manufacturers like Andocksysteme, Borer, EnerDry, Frings, and many others.

🇯🇵 MORITANI & CO., LTD., founded on September 11, 1901, is headquartered at 1-4-22 Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-8680, Japan. As a pivotal entity within the GMI Group, the company boasts a robust workforce of 772 employees and has established a significant presence with a net asset value of 71.4 billion and sales reaching 110 billion as of March 2023. MORITANI & CO., LTD. operates as a specialized trading company, offering a comprehensive range of products and services spanning testing, measurement, inspection equipment, information, communication, control devices, production facility equipment, and energy devices. This includes optical surface defect inspection systems by Dr. Schenk GmbH, acoustic measurement solutions by Spectris Corporation & Sonora Technology Corporation, various high-precision data acquisition devices, and non-contact online measuring instruments. Additionally, the company extends its expertise to environmental conservation, providing solutions like the analysis technology by Hitachi Plant Construction and new energy-related devices such as hydrogen generation equipment by Teledyne Energy Systems, Inc. With a clear focus on technological innovation and total care combining software and hardware solutions, MORITANI & CO., LTD. is committed to resolving customer challenges through engineering capabilities, reinforcing its position as a trusted partner in various industrial sectors.

🇯🇵 CKB Corporation, founded on January 21, 1953, is headquartered in Shibuya, Tokyo, at Shibuya 2-10-6 Yamada Aoyama Building Floors 2 and 4. With a capital of 100 million yen and an annual sales figure reaching 10 billion yen, CKB employs 70 individuals. This specialized trading company is renowned for supplying a wide array of high-precision, high-performance, and high-quality products including machine tools, forging machines, can manufacturing equipment, precision measuring instruments, and more. CKB offers products from both leading Japanese and international manufacturers, focusing on industries like automotive, aerospace & power generation, heavy industry, tools, canning, and others. With a rich history of expertise and experience, CKB prides itself on providing total solution engineering, supporting the manufacturing process from planning and design to suggesting methods and effects. The company operates additional branches in Nagoya, Osaka, Hiroshima, and Hamamatsu, as well as a sales office in North Kanto and a liaison office in Tomakomai, offering detailed after-sales and technical support to ensure customer satisfaction.

🇯🇵 Sanyo Corporation, headquartered on the 6th floor of the Nihonbashi F Business Cube, 15-14 Kotobuki-cho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, has established itself as a professional group with both trading and manufacturing functions. Celebrating its 100th anniversary in March 2023, Sanyo Corporation has dedicated itself to the steel pipe business since its inception in 1923. The company has expanded its business scope in line with the evolving needs of its customers and suppliers, now focusing on core businesses such as plant steel pipes, construction machinery & industrial machinery & automotive steel pipes, foundation piles, and traffic equipment, as well as road maintenance. With a century-long tradition and track record, Sanyo Corporation is chosen for its commitment to professionalism, continuous improvement, and reliable service. The company endeavors to quickly respond to changing needs, aiming for sustainable development while meeting the expectations of customers, suppliers, and the wider community.

🇯🇵 Eurotech Co., Ltd., headquartered at 2-14 Sumiyoshi-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo (Yotsuya Akebonobashi Building 6F), has been a prominent machinery trading company since its establishment in 1976. Over 40 years, Eurotech has been committed to introducing and domesticating valuable products from the EU and beyond, specializing in a wide array of machinery for chemical, food, and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Their product lineup includes machines for emulsification, dispersion, grinding, concentration, filtration, classification, granulation, surface modification, mixing, drying, collection, and environmental processes. Eurotech has consistently expanded its offerings to meet the evolving needs of its customers, focusing on wet and dry processes among others, thereby contributing significantly to various industrial sectors with its innovative solutions and technical expertise.

🇯🇵 Showa Trading Co., Ltd., established on April 5, 1978, is a Tokyo-based company specializing in the sale of printed circuit board assembly-related devices, equipment, tools, and materials. With its headquarters located at 7-18-5 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, in the Central Nishi-Shinjuku Building 2F, Showa Trading has expanded its operations beyond Japan, establishing offices in Tama, Saitama Prefecture, as well as international branches in Taiwan and Shenzhen, China. The company boasts a diverse product lineup, including dust removal devices (cleaning machines), cleaning rollers, solder soot by Sei-Tech, PC FLEX masks, temperature profilers, APS reflow systems, various tweezers, air showers, and used devices. With a capital of 10 million yen and a dedicated team at its headquarters and Tama sales office, Showa Trading has been serving the electronics manufacturing industry for over four decades, providing innovative solutions and services to its clients.

🇯🇵 Jupitor Corporation, established with the management philosophy of its founder, Yoshiro Fujimura, strives to contribute to society and achieve happiness in life through its business activities. Operating as a manufacturer and trading company since its inception, Jupitor Corporation specializes in devices, equipment, parts, and raw materials mainly for the space, aviation, maritime, vehicle (automotive and railway), electronics, electrical, and fluid sectors. As a trading company, it acts as an agent for leading foreign manufacturers, introducing cutting-edge technologies to Japan and contributing to the development of the country’s space, aviation, maritime, and vehicle industries. In addition to its headquarters in Tokyo, Jupitor Corporation has offices in Kobe, Nagoya, and a manufacturing facility in Futtsu, Chiba, where it produces and maintains measurement devices, computer-related equipment, and ground support equipment for aircraft, among other products. The company also engages in repair and maintenance of simulators and aircraft onboard equipment, playing a vital role in various high-tech industries by offering a wide range of products and services that meet the rigorous demands of its diverse clientele.