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My name is Tom Lister. I’m an expert on the Japanese distribution system and on how non-Japanese products are distributed in Japan.

I speak and read Japanese fluently and have over 35 years of experience in the Japanese market.

Since starting this company 16 years ago, I’ve spoken with thousands of companies interested in the Japanese market and I know from these conversations how hard it is to find the right sales partners in Japan.

I also know that finding such a partner makes all the difference in Japan. Over the years, I’ve seen numerous products fail to live up to their potential in the Japanese market because they had the wrong local partner.

This is why we focus entirely on helping our clients solve this problem.

In fact, we’re the only company in the world that specializes in helping non-Japanese companies build lasting partnerships with the right Japanese distributors, agents, and importers for their products.

Can we help you find the right sales partners in Japan?

If you have quality products that are a good fit for the Japanese market, there’s a very good chance that we can connect you with the right Japanese distributors, agents, and importers for your products.

Simply fill in the form below. We’ll take a look at your products and let you know how we can help.

Everything you share with us will be kept strictly confidential and we’d be glad to sign a confidentiality agreement (NDA) covering all information you provide us.

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Finding The Right Japanese Sales Partners Can Be Frustrating​

Many clients come to us after spending countless hours searching Google and sending email to every company they find… usually with little or no response.

Some have even mailed dozens of letters to lists of companies they’ve found online or received from their embassy or chamber of commerce.

Unfortunately, these methods rarely work in Japan.

Although they may speak English and do business with companies outside Japan on a daily basis, even the best distributors have little or no English on their websites and do little marketing of themselves outside Japan.

This means that they either don’t show up in Google at all or they rank so low that you’ll need to scroll through hundreds of pages of search results before finding them. Many are impossible to find them unless you can read Japanese and know how to look for them.

Ready-made lists of distributors are useless when it comes to the Japanese market. They usually contain the wrong kinds of companies, are out-of-date, or are just too generic.

And as you may have already discovered, Japanese companies often ignore unsolicited email… especially if it’s written in English.

We Take A Different Approach

We use our experience, deep network of contacts in Japan, and in-depth understanding of the Japanese distribution system to find you with the most qualified sales partners for YOUR products.

As many companies have found to their dismay, anyone can put up a website and call themselves a distributor.

We focus instead on connecting you with:

  • Japanese companies who are already successfully distributing products just like yours.
  • Japanese companies who can support your products and market them effectively.
  • Japanese companies who speak English and who know how to do business with non-Japanese companies.
  • Japanese companies who understand your industry and have the right relationships to successfully sell your products in the Japanese market.

Avoid The #1 Mistake Companies Make In The Japanese Market

Our clients avoid the #1 mistake that companies make in the Japanese market… choosing the wrong distributor for their product.

We’ve seen it happen time and time again.

A company unfamiliar with the Japanese market signs a distribution agreement with the first Japanese company that shows interest in carrying their products.

Then after wasting several years with little or no sales in Japan, they start looking for another distributor or leave the Japanese market entirely, believing that their products aren’t right for Japan.

The irony here is that often their products would do well in Japan… with the right distributor.

This problem is so common that over half of our clients come to us because they are unhappy with their current Japanese distributor.

Free Personalized Japan Market Assessment

If you’re wondering whether or not the Japanese market is right for your products, I would like to offer you a free, personalized assessment of the potential for your products in Japan.

This assessment will draw on our experience evaluating thousands of consumer, B2B, industrial, technical, medical and scientific products to see if they are right for the Japanese market.

The results will be sent to you via email, usually within 24 hours of receiving your request.

There is no charge for this assessment and no obligation.

We will also share with you the key lessons learned through helping hundreds of clients find the right Japanese distributors for their products.

14 Things You Need To Know About Distribution In Japan” is a quick, 3-minute read that answers the most common questions that new clients have about how products are distributed in Japan.