Are You Looking For Importers, Agents or Distributors In Japan?

If your products are right for the Japanese market, there’s a very good chance we can connect you with sales partners in Japan who… 

✅ Speak English

✅ Know your industry 

✅ Have a strong track record of selling products like yours

Hi, I’m Tom Lister. 

I’m fluent in Japanese and have over 40 years of experience in the Japanese market.

I’m the founder and president of Data Meridian Research Inc.

For the last 18 years, our company has focused entirely on helping foreign companies sell their products in Japan by connecting them with highly qualified Japanese distributors, importers, and agents.

And this singular focus has allowed us to help over 400 non-Japanese companies find the right sales partners in Japan.

✅ Companies selling everything from specialized B2B, medical, industrial, technical, and scientific products… to all types of consumer goods… Click here to see our track record

✅ Companies both new to Japan… and many others already in the Japanese market but unhappy with their sales in Japan

✅ Companies of all sizes… and from all over the world

Why Companies Work With Us

For foreign companies, success or failure in Japan hinges on establishing a strong partnership with the right Japanese sales partners.

But the complexities of the Japanese distribution system and language barriers make it hard to find these companies…

❎ They often have little or no English on their websites, making them impossible to find using search engines like Google.

❎ Lists available online or from government agencies are usually out-of-date, too generic, or contain the wrong kinds of companies.

❎ And even if you can somehow find them… you’ll soon discover that they often ignore emails from outside Japan… especially if it’s written in English or comes from a company they don’t know.

Avoid The #1 Mistake Non-Japanese Companies Make In The Japanese Market

We can also help you avoid the most common mistake foreign companies make in Japan… choosing the wrong distributor for their products.

I’ve seen it happen time and time again over the last 40 years.

A company new to the Japanese market signs a deal with the first Japanese company that shows interest in their products.

Then, after wasting several years with little or no sales in Japan, they start looking around for another distributor or leave the Japanese market entirely, believing there’s limited demand for their products in Japan.

Ironically, their products would often do well in Japan… with the right distributor.

In fact, this situation is so common that almost half of our clients come to us because they are unhappy with their current Japanese distributor.

We Can Connect You With The Right Importers, Agents & Distributors In Japan

If there’s a market for your products in Japan, we can use our decades of experience… deep network of contacts… and in-depth understanding of the Japanese distribution system to connect you with…

✅ Japanese companies who are already successfully selling products like yours

✅ Japanese companies who can support your products and market them effectively

✅ Japanese companies who speak English and know how to do business with non-Japanese companies

✅ Japanese companies who understand your industry and have the relationships needed to successfully sell your products in the Japanese market

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