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“7 Keys For Unlocking The Japanese Market: What Every Foreign Company Needs To Know About Selling Their Products In Japan”

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Companies selling everything from consumer goods to highly specialized industrial, technical, and scientific products.

We’re confident that these strategies will help you avoid costly mistakes and maximize your chances of success in the Japanese market.

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Here’s some of what’s included in this report:

  • How to tell if the Japanese market is right for your products.
  • “Zombie” distributors – what they are and how to avoid them.
  • Why using Google to find Japanese distributors doesn’t work.
  • A foolproof method for identifying the best Japanese distributors for any product.
  • How to deal with language issues.
  • The best and worst ways to contact potential distributors.
  • Never use this free tool to communicate with Japanese companies.
  • Don’t make this mistake when evaluating potential distributors.
  • Should you translate your website into Japanese?
  • How to convince Japanese companies to carry your products.
  • Should you approach your competition’s distributors?’

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